Monday, December 31, 2007

Podcasts about town

In this era of user-generated content and multi-media marketing, it's no surprise that tourism bureaus are turning to online videos and podcasts to market their destinations. Meet Minneapolis has produced a series of short videos about various aspects of the city--things to see and do, shopping, food and drink. Several of these videos are hosted by really interesting individuals, like fashion designer Katherine Gerdes and food critic/TV show host Andrew Zimmern and they give viewers a glimpse into why the city and the state are cool destinations. They've also uploaded footage from national programs where Minneapolis is getting its props (e.g. the Chambers Hotel on the Today Show)

The site also has a couple of audio podcasts, but this is where I think there could be some real upgrades. Go Philadelphia--the web arm of the tourism bureau--has this amazing program called "SoundAboutPhilly." As the website says:
"SoundAboutPhilly is a new series of free, customizable sound-seeing tours told by "real" Philadelphians. The stories are accompanied by dynamic mapping, audio, text and vivid photography that provide a more intimate illustration of Philadelphia and can help you find your way around once you arrive. Concentrated on insider, lesser-known Philadelphia experiences, SoundAboutPhilly combines interesting tales, fun facts and lively music to tell not only stories from the city's rich past, but also its vibrant present."
How cool is that? It's like having your own hipster insider taking you to neighborhoods that you'd probably never find on your own! Even if you don't care about Philadephia, check out the website to see how cool these podcasts are. We definitely need this for Minneapolis-St. Paul!


Caroline in Philadelphia said...

Thanks for the shout-out! We (Philadelphia Tourism)hope to add video content soon, too.

Happy New Year!
Caroline Bean

Mary Kay Bailey said...

You're welcome Caroline! I've been a fan of Philadelphia's marketing campaigns for a couple of years now (the GLBT campaigns were genius!) When I first encountered the "Flavahoods" podcast, I knew that you guys were way ahead of the curve and we're smart about cultivating visitors like me (and a lot of 20 -30 somethings who like authenticity.) Looking forward to new additions to your site!