Monday, December 17, 2007

The Cities of Brotherly Love

The University UNITED (UU) awards reminded me that I've been meaning to post about the love I have for our top elected official in St. Paul and in Minneapolis. It is fantastic to have two cities governed by intelligent, articulate, principled, and inspiring Mayors.

As individuals, I think they have great programs and platforms--two of my favorites are St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman's Invest Saint Paul program and Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak's partnership with the MN Chapter of the American Institute of Architect's on the Great City Design Team.

But what is even more impressive, and what they were being recognized for at the UU awards ceremony is their commitment to working together. These mayors realize that the success of Minneapolis and St. Paul in the current economy isn't based on competition between the two cities, but on collaboration and partnership. They pull together for big events (like the Republican National Convention next year); they jointly advocate for the Central Corridor Light Rail project, and they make sure that their staffs are in frequent communication.

Thank you both for being such enlightened leaders--it is a real pleasure to both live in, and next to, a city whose mayors you truly admire.

Image left: Rybak, from
Image: Coleman, from

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