Thursday, December 13, 2007

Half-way to everywhere

They don't call it "the Midway" for nothing. Lately I've been loving my proximity to everything. When you have a young child, you realize that you've got a ticking time bomb on your hands. You've only got so many minutes before they must eat, sleep, get out of the car seat, etc--or else you face the explosive consequences. So I've been delighted to discover that I am 9 minutes away from the Rosedale parking lot; I'm about 9 minutes to my husband's office in downtown St. Paul (off-peak on I-94), and I'm about 10 minutes to the West Bank (off-peak). Of course traveling during rush hours can gum things up, but since I work at home, I can almost always avoid that. And this is one of the great things about urban living--you are close to many things. And when 94 is backed up, you can always jump on University or other parallel routes to get to where you're going!

Image: Midway Transportation Management Organization

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