Monday, December 3, 2007

Gone to the dogs

Every now and then I can't believe that we actually spend money to have our pound-rescued dog "groomed." But then I think about the disastrous attempts at bathing her in our tub and I realize that it is not about pampering the dog, it is more an odor-reduction strategy to keep the couch inhabitable. One reason that the dog needs groomed is because of our visits to the incredible Minnehaha off-leash dog park in Minneapolis. This is seriously the best dog-park around. The humans get to hike through the woods making their way down to the banks of the Mississippi. Dogs of all sizes dart excitedly in and out of the trees. The shoreline is sandy and if the dogs are lucky the Mississippi waters are just the right temperature. I'm not sure how frequently we'll get to the dog park in the winter, but I can only imagine how lovely it is this time of year.


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