Thursday, December 6, 2007

The State Fair All Year Round

I think it is pretty fascinating that the Minnesota State Fairgrounds are open to traffic all year. The other day for kicks (I have a pretty lame idea of what passes for fun these days!) my daughter and I took a left hand turn off of Snelling and headed into the fairgrounds via Dan Patch Parkway. Right through the turnstyles, headed toward the Midway, not a soul in sight. The funny thing is most of the booths with their banners and awnings are still intact. We passed the DFL booth where Jane had her photo taken with Al Franken this summer, we travelled under the empty chairs of the overhanging SkyGlider, and all the while the grandstand lurked in the distance. What a surreal experience. And how strange to have something that seems like private property open to the public way off season. I also found myself wondering if the MN State Fairgrounds are the most urban state fair grounds in the country? Anybody know? I bet this guy knows--his State Fair blog posts are amazing--plus he's got a State Fair countdown clock on his homepage! I love this state and its Fair fanatics!

Image: Paul Robertson (check out his photos on flickr--they're incredible.)

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