Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Extra! Extra!

In the tradition of (which I wish would have a Minneapolis-St. Paul edition!), has stepped up to let young women (and arguably some young men) know what's hip and happening in Minneapolis. Both of these forums are basically girl-oriented (20s, 30s), shopping-heavy but occasional cool event-listing, blogs and e-newsletters. In my perusal of past issues of, I saw their reference to which bills itself as an urban navigator for "all that is progressive in American culture by emphasizing the value and ingenuity of independent business." They've got what looks like the beginnings of a Minneapolis edition -- right now, it's only highlighting a small handful of businesses in Uptown, 50th & France, and Downtown and Northeast. Little do they know what all they are missing!

Image: Borealis Yarns @ Hamline and Thomas, St. Paul.

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