Thursday, December 25, 2008

Neighborhood Arts

In the process of working on my own website (the forthcoming that's live that rhymes with give, not with hive, got it?!?), I realized how much I like the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District Website. Everything you could possibly want to find in the area is on the website--from places to eat and shop and take classes to all of the studios and galleries. The maps are particularly great--showing you where all of the galleries/studios are and giving you a picture with address details too. Check it out here.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Treats

It is always a treat when my husband and I get to spend some quality adult time out and about in the cities. Today we had an amazing morning by starting out with breakfast at Hell's Kitchen. Yes, the much ballyhooed lemon ricotta hotcakes (see left) lived up to and exceeded my expectations. Even better though, we found a treat to take home with us--the homemade peanut butter. Folks, this is not your typical Skippy. This is chopped peanuts with loads of honey and brown sugar. It's more like a dessert peanut butter. This will go into everyone's stocking next year. Amazing!

After our hearty meal, we headed out to Fort Snelling State Park to go snowshoeing on Pike Island. It is a woodland oasis nestled in the shadow and roar of MSP International Airport. The solitude and pristine snow conditions made this urban, outdoor adventure truly stellar. After today, I'll be more easily able to remind myself why winter in the Twin Cities is a wonderful thing.
Merry Christmas!

images: Hotcakes at Hell's Kitchen, Jumbledpile on Flickr; Pike Island @ Ft Snelling State Park, Sharon Somero.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Can you believe I've got one more post on geography and fonts?

I know I must be killing some of you readers who couldn't care less about cool maps and interesting type face, but for the rest of you geeks I thought I'd showcase these funky neighborhood maps today. Alas, Ork Designs has not launched a Minneapolis or Saint Paul version yet, but I'm hoping with enough gentle pressure we'll see one soon. Lots of other hip, progressive cities are featured (e.g. Portland, Seattle, S.F., NYC, etc) so I have to imagine that we'll make the cut soon. I bought the DC map yesterday to honor the place where my husband and I met, where my daughter was born, and where I spent 8 great years of my life--as well as to add some much needed art to our walls!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Extra! Extra! News in the land of citizen journalists

Yesterday I found myself on the Twin Cities Daily Planet website for a good half an hour or so. While I've been here many times before, this time I was struck by the high quality articles that freelance, non journalist, folks have contributed to the site. It's also great to be able to find stories about really neighborhood-specific issues that aren't covered in this kind of depth anywhere else.

We're also lucky to have MinnPost too. Replete with top-notch writers, many of whom have worked for the area's major dailies, Minn Post offers some great analysis and investigative reporting.

I'm still a traditional, print version newspaper junkie, but I love having other quality journalism outlets too.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

For all lovers of fonts, geography, and humor

Hard to believe that a year has passed and that I have attended my second No Coast Craft-o-Rama. This year was really great--tons of excellent vendors with really interesting wares (not to mention the fact that Salty Tart is now located in the Midtown Exchange--so that now you can shop for handmade items with a pastry-cream filled brioche in your hand. It simply does not get any better than this!!) I heard from one vendor that they had over 300 applications for 80 slots. I think that they should consider expanding next year (while keeping it in the same location, because the Midtown Exchange is awesome!) My favorite vendor, Campfire, schlepped all the way from Akron, Ohio and I'm so glad he did. I can't believe that there is someone out there who shares my love of cool fonts and geography. I'm pasting a bunch of images of his awesome t-shirts here.

All designs from Micah Kraus @ Campfire.

A portrait of Minnesota Winter

Well folks, winter officially arrived in the Twin Cities last month (as evidenced by snow sticking on the ground--that's my litmus test.) And while we're sitting here in a bizarre 38 degree rain storm that will obviously freeze since tomorrow's highs are in the single digits, folks up north are getting slammed.

Our friend Pam recently wrote an excellent blog post about Minnesotans' tendencies to put up Christmas lights a month early. Pam reckons that we do it because it gets dark, really dark, really early, and for a really long time up in these latitudes. The lights, while a celebration of the upcoming holiday, are also a way of reclaiming some brightness during a long, dark, and cold winter. So thank you to all who emulate Clark W. Griswold this holiday season for giving us a little artificial sunshine, in a rainbow of colors, after 4pm!

image: Eric Hylden, Associated Press.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Uniquely Awesome

Alright, so this isn't officially in the boundaries of Minneapolis (or Saint Paul), but I just discovered the best thrift store of all time.  Unique Thrift on Stinson and 37th NE in Columbia Heights rules!!  Despite being packed, it was so neat and well organized that I couldn't believe it.  The merch was great and the lines moved quickly.  I'm so making the trek out this way again.  No offense Saint Paul, but this Unique location is waaaaaaay better than the one on Rice Street.  

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tasty Thursdays

I feel the need to give a shout out to own very own, James Beard Award winning, "Taste" section of the Star Tribune. Every Thursday, you can be treated to delicious recipes, a great wine review, and practical info about all kinds of gadgets, restaurants, and events. Not to mention the fact that I'm still so impressed with this years Holiday Cookie Contest winners--proof that not only can the Taste Section contributors write interesting copy, they can also judge a delicious cookie when they eat it! What more could you want?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Save the Date for NEXT October

On my blogging hiatus, I missed the chance to share the news of Hennepin County's "Choose to Reuse" month which fell in October. In celebration, the county issued a killer coupon book with discounts from a bunch of thrift stores and other eco-friendly retailers. I'm counting on everyone to help me remember this next year--so I can actually take advantage of the savings.

A great holiday gift for your budding Twin Cities Geographer

I recently bought this map for work-related purposes and cannot speak highly enough about it! If you want a beautifully illustrated map that includes EVERY neighborhood in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, get to Big Stick Maps ASAP and order this stunning gem. You'll discover some of the smaller neighborhoods you may have never heard of before as well as get your bearings straight in different parts of the city. A great resource for the geographer, city-lover, or map-nut on your shopping list.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Temporary Hiatus

A new baby has arrived in Midway
from my blog, he takes away.
Once elusive sleep returns
I'll be back at the keyboard.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tell the world what you treasure about Minnesota

From the 1000 Friends of Minnesota website:

1000 Friends of Minnesota and Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) are working together to create dozens of Legacy Letters — short videos about what people treasure most in Minnesota. These minute-long videos will air statewide on the Minnesota Channel numerous times over the course of the next year, with the potential for select Legacy Letters to air on TPT’s weekly public affairs show, Almanac. The videos will also be posted online on the 1000 Friends of Minnesota website.

The goal of Legacy Letters is to have articulate Minnesotans express our collective values and the future they envision for the state.

Tell us what you treasure about Minnesota. Pitch your one-minute Legacy Letter by calling the TPT Comment Line at 651-229-1430 by September 5, 2008. Be sure to mention “Legacy Letters,” and tell us your name, phone number, your object, and the story you’d tell in your Legacy Letter. Winning applicants will be invited to join us for a screening.
image: 1000 Friends of MN.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

All Politics is Local

Let's here it for the St. Paul Public Library sponsoring the Saint Paul*itics program right here in our backyard. As the website says:
The Saint Paul-itics series aims to increase awareness about local and national issues and encourage civic involvement.

Saint Paul-itics will:

  • Create an informed citizenry and provide a forum for Saint Paul residents to discuss the democratic process.
  • Help Saint Paul residents find ways to connect to the national excitement and interest in the Twin Cities that hosting the RNC will create.
  • Create opportunities for those interested in politics to connect to others with like interests and to expand their base of knowledge.
I think its wonderful that the library is building on the momentum here in MN and using its information-based, non-partisan platform to get people educated and excited about this election season. Here's a link to the national and regional speakers and events that are affiliated with the Saint Paul*itics program. Get out and learn, then get out and vote!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

On Sale (online) Tomorrow: 2009 Saint Paul Almanac

I've profiled the eclectic Saint Paul Almanac several times on this blog already, but this is just a heads up that the 2009 edition goes on sale online tomorrow (full disclosure: I've got a piece in this edition about University Avenue (it's an expansion of an early blog post from this site)). You can order online here. You could also wait until Sept. 1 to buy it in bookstores. If you want to celebrate the release of the Almanac and help raise funds for the non-profit that puts it together, come to the Black Dog Cafe and Wine Bar on September 29th between 12 and 4PM. More details here.

Monday, August 18, 2008

MSP makes NYT

One of my favorite parts of the Sunday edition of the New York Times is the "36 Hours in _____ city." Well this Sunday, Minneapolis and Saint Paul were the featured city (ies.) Not a bad list of highlights--I'm impressed that Saint Paul destinations were referenced (I admit this is a low bar, but given recent RNC coverage and the nation's failure to recognize that the convention is in St. Paul and not Minneapolis, I'll take what I can get!) and the author also listed some off-the-beaten- path bars (e.g. CC Club, Lee's Liquor Lounge, 331 Club) that probably weren't on visitors' radar screens.

image: Ben Garvin, New York Times.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Survey Time: Tell me what you love about Minneapolis and St. Paul

Dear readers residing in the cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul:

I was hoping that you could take a couple of minutes of your time and either shoot me an e-mail ( or use the comment field to answer the following questions:

1) What do you like most about living in the city?

2) What do you like most about your particular neighborhood?

3) What neighborhood do you reside in?

4) How long have you lived there?

You may be wondering why I'm asking and what I plan on doing with this informal, unscientific survey. Well, I've recently begun working on an initiative to market and promote all of the neighborhoods in our two fair cities. I wanted to get a very informal baseline about what the folks that read this blog and live here value about the Twin Cities and their neighborhoods. So if you're reading this, please take a minute to share your opinion and if you will, pass a link to other folks you know too. Thanks in advance for the help!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Save the Date: Saarinen coming to MIA

Lovers of modern design mark your calendars. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the Walker will be sponsoring the internationally-touring "Eero Saarinen: Shaping the Future" exhibit from Saturday, September 13, 2008—Sunday, January 4, 2009. The exhibit will be held in the MIA's U.S. Bank Gallery.

Read more about the exhibit here.

And get your engines revved by checking out Eero and son Eliel Saarinen's local masterpiece, Christ Lutheran Church at 3244 34th Avenue South in Minneapolis.

image: Christ Lutheran Church, by Pete Sieger. See all of his photos here.

Monday, August 11, 2008

History on a Stick or Burning Off Some of Those Cheese Curds

Just caught this nugget in the MN State Fair insert included in Sunday's Star Tribune:

This self-guided walk is a great way to explore the fairgrounds. Tour brochures available at State Fair information booths, the Foundation booth in front of the J. V. Bailey House or at walking tour signs located throughout the fairgrounds.

Could be an interesting way to see new parts of the Fairgrounds while justifying your consumption of the newest infarction on-a-stick, "Big Fat Bacon" (1/3 lb slice of bacon fried and carmelized with maple syrup, served on a stick with dipping sauces). For more State Fair food info, check out this site.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Making the Twin Cities Even More Bike Friendly

Back in July, there was a great article about a U of M Computer Science graduate student named Reid Priedhorsky who is starting up "geo-wiki" that allows cyclists to post bike routes to all sorts of destinations. The advantage of this set-up is that sometimes the most direct, or most traffic-free routes can take you off of streets and onto unofficial paths--things that aren't picked up by any map. While the Twin Cities Bike Map is certainly decent--there are lots of alternative ways to get from point A to point B that experienced cyclists are likely to point out. Cyclopath is still in testing mode, but you can sign up to be notified of its official release.

On August 17th from 1-3, the City of Minneapolis and Bike Walk Twin Cities, are launching a
Bike Walk Ambassadors Program. As the website notes:
"The Bike/Walk Twin Cities Ambassadors are here to help you out! The Ambassadors provide the information and support needed to help you start bicycling and walking more often. The Ambassadors are available to give presentations, lead safety/user clinics, and host events year-round. They'll help your group learn how to reach destinations by foot or bike with ease."
There are several other good resources if you're looking to find the best routes to places.

Minneapolis Bike Love. Com has a route planning forum with lots of posted routes and a place where you can ask how to get from here to there., a national website, also has a list of bike routes and paths for the Twin Cities.

Bike Walk Twin Cities has links to a bunch of other map/route resources, too.

image: Cage Design. You can purchase a series of posters of favorite Minneapolis-St. Paul cycling locations here.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Slow Down for Art..another cool traffic calming project from the neighborhood that brought you "Paint the Pavement"

Last night, driving on Thomas Avenue in my Hamline-Midway neighborhood, I started noticing all of these random signs posted in the boulevards. I thought they were some interesting art project, perhaps sponsored by J&S coffee shop. Then I saw the Pioneer Press today and learned that they are part of a traffic calming effort devised by local artist Steven Woodward and coordinated with the Department of Public Works. From the article:
"Woodward said he chose images that are meant to convey — in a matter of seconds — the following information: People live here. These are people's homes. You should slow down...For example, a series of the signs is of a mother and child — an image he said should obviously evoke a sense of serenity and safety in drivers' minds. "You see a mother and child. What says protectiveness better than that?" he asked."
Check out the signs on Hamline Avenue between Charles and Blair and on Thomas Avenue between Pascal and Griggs. And while you're at it, check out the Paint the Pavement projects in our neighborhood too.

Images Copyright © by Steven Woodward. Read more here.

Rolling out the Red Carpet--St. Paul's Very Clever Retail Recruitment Plan

During the past few weeks, I've been reading the articles about the "Red Carpet Campaign," St. Paul's retail recruitment strategy for filling storefront vacancies during the Republican National Convention. The city, working with the Chamber of Commerce and the local Building Owners and Managers Association chapter, is offering very short-term leases, in some cases for a couple of weeks, at significantly reduced rates, to encourage businesses to try out a downtown St. Paul location for a spell. The Chamber is administering the program--being a matchmaker between tenants and building owners/managers--which helps to eliminate the competition between owners as well as making it easier on them by delivering tenants to their door.

Arguably, the RNC will be creating an unrealistic volume of customers, but I think it will be interesting to see which of the businesses decide to stick around to see if they can thrive in the capital city. According to Dave Orrick's article in yesterday's Pioneer Press, one such businesswoman, Stacey Finnegan, owner of Il Vostro Boutique, is taking out a 6-month lease. Finnegan says in the article:
"I'm not really looking at the RNC as a litmus test, because it'll be a false negative or positive," she said. "We'd been considering secondary location options, and it was a perfect storm. There's some nice incentives in downtown St. Paul without the commitment for a five- to 10-year lease."
I heartily applaud St. Paul for piloting this incredibly innovative and unique approach. As central business districts around the country struggle with attracting and retaining retail, a common strategy is to dish out lots of tax breaks and other higher cost incentives. The Red Carpet campaign relies on partnerships with building owners, it allows smaller businesses and those considering new locations to get their feet wet in St. Paul without a major cash commitment, and it is set up so that building owners, small businesses, and the city are all winners in the end.

image: Twin Cities Daily Photo

Monday, July 28, 2008

West End Arts and the Pilney

Driving on West 7th, near Randolph Avenue in St. Paul I took a close look at the Pilney Building today. It's very "Flatiron-esque" and is now home to the West End Arts "Scene and Be Scene" visual arts show. It's old news now, but the exhibit is showcasing the work of West End artists until August 2nd. So get yourself out to this great historic neighborhood, check out all of the coffee shops and old school bars along West 7th, and be part of one of the city's newest art scenes.

image: PixelboyMN

Monday, July 14, 2008

Get to NOMI (get it, Know Me? and NOMI = North Minneapolis)

Get to know Minneapolis' Northside with some enthusiastic residents! The GLBT Northsider's are hosting a homebuyers tour on Thursday, July 24th 6:30 - 9PM (they also hosted one on the 10th). The tour will be kicked off with a reception and then a tour of a few for-sale homes in several North Minneapolis neighborhoods. For questions or to register for the Home Buyer's Tour on July 24th, e-mail and include your contact information and how many will be in your party.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Theresa Handy's extraordinary landscapes

I have loved Theresa Handy's work since I saw a couple of her paintings at last year's "SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder): Illuminating a Northern View of Darkness" exhibit at the Weisman. Then I saw a group show of hers at GalleryCo and fell even more in love. And the truth is, I keep loving it! So if you haven't seen her work, let me make the introduction and encourage you to check out the catalog of her work, here.

All images: Theresa Handy.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

DIY St. Paul walking tours

While on the St. Paul Phototour website, I discovered that Joe Hoover has posted a bunch of neighborhood walking tour maps. They bring you into some pretty interesting parts of the city. Here's the sampling along with the links:

Dayton's Bluff Historic District:

Take a driving tour of the some of the neighborhood's most important sites of interest. -- PDF Map 370k

Take a walking tour of St. Paul's historic and scenic Yoerg's Bluff (West Side) and Uppertown (West 7th) neighborhoods and the Mississippi River. -- PDF Map 488k

Phalen Creek / Burlington Northern Trail:
Take this printable PDF map with you and go hike in Swede Hollow and Phalen Creek -- PDF Map 54k

State Capitol Monuments Tour:
A walking tour of the monuments and memorials on the State Capitol Mall -- PDF Map 24k

"Slum it on Summit" Walking Tour:
Walk Summit Avenue and take-in some of the finest architecture in St. Paul -- PDF Map 120k

Labor History Tour:
The factories, and humble homes of the working class have a history to tell all of their own. -- PDF Map 156k

Payne Avenue--love that Main Street

Payne Avenue, on the east side of Saint Paul, is an architecturally outstanding commercial corridor. For quite a few blocks south of Maryland Avenue and down to Phalen Blvd, Payne is lined with 1-5 story historic buildings. It's like a mini, urban version of Main Street in Stillwater or downtown Red Wing. If you've got a hankering for Mexican food, it's also a great place to go! Check out these photos:
All images from: Joe Hoover at St. Paul Photo Tour

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Midwest Summer's Night's Dream

Here are some key ingredients:
  • Temperatures in the mid-60s
  • Minimal mosquitoes
and ample doses of the following:

Leine's Summer Shandy is a "limited edition" treat that somehow makes the mixture of beer and lemonade tasty. Mighty tasty.

Some grilled grass-fed bison steaks from the St. Paul Farmer's Market.

And Ladder Ball -- a game I had never seen until moving back here last summer. It's just the right speed for a summer's evening.

Top it all off with a cone from Izzy's. If I'm ever in luck, they'll make a batch of the salty caramel ice cream I've only ever read about!

Friday, June 27, 2008

St. Paul's Riverfront

I've come to realize that it really isn't fair to compare Minneapolis' riverfront with Saint Paul's. Constrained by bluffs and an active railroad track, downtown Saint Paul just simply doesn't have the same easy access to the Mississippi that its brother upstream has. Nonetheless, Saint Paul really has done a good job making the riverbanks an attractive place to be. All along Shepard Road the river is flanked by a beautiful landscaped trail--divided for cycling and walking traffic. There are lovely flowers and grasses and lots of points where you can pull off and check out the river. Teresa Boardman, author and photographer of the excellent "St. Paul Real Estate Blog" has some great photos of one of the newest park installments on the east bank (north side) of the river. Check these out:

The park is really bringing you right down to the water's edge, while still giving you the great sense of urbanity--with the High Bridge and the skyline in the distance.

So Saint Paul, hat's off! You've done some great work on your waterfront given all that you've had working against you. Kudos!

All images: Teresa Boardman.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Me, Mayor Rybak, and Facebook

While it's true that I may be a dork, I seem to be in good company with the 1,434 other individuals who have Mayor R.T. Rybak listed as a friend in Facebook. I'm already a bit beyond the intended Facebook generation, but it seems to me that we are supposed to "friend" those people that we have established, or at least tangible, relationships with. Arguably, some of these 1,400-plus people actually know the Mayor, but I can't claim that. Yet when I discovered that one of my favorite elected officials had a Facebook page, I was compelled to invite him to become a friend of mine. Why? I'm not sure, but I couldn't resist the Starsky and Hutch-like photo on his profile page (see left) and well, who doesn't secretly aspire to having a famous friend--even if it's only on Facebook?

Invite R.T. to be a Facebook friend of yours, here.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Get local on Etsy

I love website where you can buy and sell any manner of homemade art and craft. I've been looking for some artwork for our daughter's and still-gestating son's bedrooms. I'm a big fan of printmaking and I was delighted to discover a Minnesotan whose work is colorful, inventive and sweet. Check out Studio Mela's Etsy page here. If you want to shop local on a global website, you can use Etsy's "Geolocator" tool that allows you to select a state and city and then pulls up all of the sellers based there. Nice touch.

Now if only I could make up my mind about which prints to buy...

Image: Shelli at Studio Mela.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summertime on Harriet Island

The combination of the breeze coming off of the Mississippi and the warmth of a cloudless eve-of-summer sky, made this morning's visit to Harriet Island resplendent. Add in the peerless view of the downtown St. Paul skyline and the occasional, enormous piece of floating driftwood and you've got a pretty perfect setting for me. Now, if you asked the toddler what was so great about the place this morning, she'd probably tell you:
1) The duck and egret on the water.
2) The train chugging down the tracks adjacent to downtown.
3) The horn on the sternwheelers.
4) The slides and swings on the playground, and
5) Last, but certainly not least, the tuba player who was part of today's free children's music ensemble in the gorgeous Clarence Wigington Pavilion. The series will be going on all summer, check out the schedule here.

Enjoy your parks Twin Citians--they are a true delight!

image: Clarence Wigington Pavilion, City of St. Paul.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Living the Luxe Life for a Night

After years of sleeping in hostels, on friends' couches, and in cheap roadside inns, I've grown into adulthood appreciating the occasional indulgence of a luxury hotel. Around the same time, I also discovered that these lovely refuges also tended to have equally indulgent bars. It wasn't so long ago that the Twin Cities didn't have much to speak of in this department--with the exception of some of our lovely historic hotels. So I've been overjoyed by the presence of such glamorous accommodations as the Chambers, the Graves 601 (which I had the pleasure of staying in when it was Le Meridien, and it was a pleasure then too!), the new Westin, Hotel Ivy, and my personal favorite from other cities, the forthcoming W Hotel in the Foshay Tower. At this point in time, I'm most likely to pop in for the occasional cocktail and ogling of art and architecture (have you checked out the interior space of Bank, in the Westin?!?), but I hope that in the nearer future my husband and I can play tourists for a night, complete with wining, dining, and sleeping in some nouveau luxury!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Calling the University District Home

Bringing together businesses, the U, neighborhood advocates, and the city of Minneapolis, the University District Partnership Alliance--comprised of the SE Como, Marcy-Holmes, SE Industrial Area, U of M, Cedar-Riverside, and Prospect Park neighborhoods--aims to "preserve and promote the district as a place to live, learn, and do business." With funding from the state legislature, the Partnership will be offering home ownership incentives in the area, creating neighborhood visions and plans, and telling the stories of residents who love living there. I love the idea and structure of this program--part marketing, part economic development, part residential stabilization, and part community building. I wish them the best of luck in their endeavors!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Free Summer Historic Walking Tours in Minneapolis

Want to know the history of Elliot Park? How about the a glimpse into early 20th Century Jewish life on the Northside of Minneapolis? Well, you can learn more about these and other Minneapolis neighborhoods and historic sites by participating in any of the numerous free walking tours hosted by the city of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission. The schedule is posted here.

image: from the City of Minneapolis, inside the Shubert Theater on the 2007 tour.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A taste of summer

Nothing says summer like a trip to Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis--preferably via bike--and lunch at the Sea Salt Eatery, complete with a fried fish sandwich and a frosty pitcher of beer. For the uninitiated, Sea Salt is actually located within the park--its a concession of the park building right near the falls and parking lot. So enjoy your summer meal, stellar people watching, and the lovely setting of Minnehaha Park--not bad for an all-inclusive package!

image: Roman Espiritu

Thursday, May 29, 2008

University Avenue: A work in progress

Minnesota Public Radio has pulled together a really nice feature on University Avenue on their website. Rightly titled as "University Avenue: A work in progress" the site features historic photos, stories, information about the Central Corridor LRT, and a place for you to tell the world what your experiences on the Avenue have been.

Image: Minnesota Historical Society

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Connecting Reviewers and Reviews

Do you want to know what your peers have to say about services, dining establishments, and shopping destinations? Then check out the Minneapolis edition of You can read or create your own reviews of all kinds of different places and create your own social network of reviewers.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Minnesota Pride in the Nation's Capital

Even though we've lived here for almost 11 months now, I still troll the blogs of my former neighborhood and surroundings in Washington, DC. I found this awesome doorway photo on one such blog (the Prince of Petworth) and it totally speaks to the roaming nature and home-state pride of Minnesotans. There were many of us transplants in DC when I was there and even though we had voluntarily left our state, we all still thought of and talked about it fondly.