Monday, July 14, 2008

Get to NOMI (get it, Know Me? and NOMI = North Minneapolis)

Get to know Minneapolis' Northside with some enthusiastic residents! The GLBT Northsider's are hosting a homebuyers tour on Thursday, July 24th 6:30 - 9PM (they also hosted one on the 10th). The tour will be kicked off with a reception and then a tour of a few for-sale homes in several North Minneapolis neighborhoods. For questions or to register for the Home Buyer's Tour on July 24th, e-mail and include your contact information and how many will be in your party.


Kim Kankiewicz said...

Hi, Mary Kay. It was fun seeing you twice last week. And I love your blog! I am geekily enamored with my new urban life and keep dragging my family out to get lost in an unexplored neighborhood. Last night we discovered the WWI memorial where Summit Ave. abuts the river and then strolled along Mississippi River Blvd. Signe nearly missed getting beaned by a homeowner practicing his golf swing in his front yard...Regarding this specific post, I think a homebuyer's tour is a great idea. As a prospective homebuyer, I'm not aware of other neighborhoods that have hosted tours. I like the personal approach to attracting new neighbors.

NM Encyclopedia said...

One of many great initiatives on the North Side.