Tuesday, July 1, 2008

DIY St. Paul walking tours

While on the St. Paul Phototour website, I discovered that Joe Hoover has posted a bunch of neighborhood walking tour maps. They bring you into some pretty interesting parts of the city. Here's the sampling along with the links:

Dayton's Bluff Historic District:

Take a driving tour of the some of the neighborhood's most important sites of interest. -- PDF Map 370k

Take a walking tour of St. Paul's historic and scenic Yoerg's Bluff (West Side) and Uppertown (West 7th) neighborhoods and the Mississippi River. -- PDF Map 488k

Phalen Creek / Burlington Northern Trail:
Take this printable PDF map with you and go hike in Swede Hollow and Phalen Creek -- PDF Map 54k

State Capitol Monuments Tour:
A walking tour of the monuments and memorials on the State Capitol Mall -- PDF Map 24k

"Slum it on Summit" Walking Tour:
Walk Summit Avenue and take-in some of the finest architecture in St. Paul -- PDF Map 120k

Labor History Tour:
The factories, and humble homes of the working class have a history to tell all of their own. -- PDF Map 156k

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