Sunday, December 14, 2008

A portrait of Minnesota Winter

Well folks, winter officially arrived in the Twin Cities last month (as evidenced by snow sticking on the ground--that's my litmus test.) And while we're sitting here in a bizarre 38 degree rain storm that will obviously freeze since tomorrow's highs are in the single digits, folks up north are getting slammed.

Our friend Pam recently wrote an excellent blog post about Minnesotans' tendencies to put up Christmas lights a month early. Pam reckons that we do it because it gets dark, really dark, really early, and for a really long time up in these latitudes. The lights, while a celebration of the upcoming holiday, are also a way of reclaiming some brightness during a long, dark, and cold winter. So thank you to all who emulate Clark W. Griswold this holiday season for giving us a little artificial sunshine, in a rainbow of colors, after 4pm!

image: Eric Hylden, Associated Press.

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