Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Treats

It is always a treat when my husband and I get to spend some quality adult time out and about in the cities. Today we had an amazing morning by starting out with breakfast at Hell's Kitchen. Yes, the much ballyhooed lemon ricotta hotcakes (see left) lived up to and exceeded my expectations. Even better though, we found a treat to take home with us--the homemade peanut butter. Folks, this is not your typical Skippy. This is chopped peanuts with loads of honey and brown sugar. It's more like a dessert peanut butter. This will go into everyone's stocking next year. Amazing!

After our hearty meal, we headed out to Fort Snelling State Park to go snowshoeing on Pike Island. It is a woodland oasis nestled in the shadow and roar of MSP International Airport. The solitude and pristine snow conditions made this urban, outdoor adventure truly stellar. After today, I'll be more easily able to remind myself why winter in the Twin Cities is a wonderful thing.
Merry Christmas!

images: Hotcakes at Hell's Kitchen, Jumbledpile on Flickr; Pike Island @ Ft Snelling State Park, Sharon Somero.

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