Friday, June 20, 2008

Get local on Etsy

I love website where you can buy and sell any manner of homemade art and craft. I've been looking for some artwork for our daughter's and still-gestating son's bedrooms. I'm a big fan of printmaking and I was delighted to discover a Minnesotan whose work is colorful, inventive and sweet. Check out Studio Mela's Etsy page here. If you want to shop local on a global website, you can use Etsy's "Geolocator" tool that allows you to select a state and city and then pulls up all of the sellers based there. Nice touch.

Now if only I could make up my mind about which prints to buy...

Image: Shelli at Studio Mela.


Diane said...

great new entries! for a minute there I thought you did the twincities book, too.

Amy said...

I love Etsy, although it is very dangerous to my checkbook. Especially since I discovered that many vendors will do custom projects.