Friday, December 28, 2007

MK's 5 Twin Cities New Year Resolutions

If I had perhaps a bit more time and energy, these "resolutions" might be more than the simple dreams they are now...but sometimes, putting pen to paper (or keystrokes to screen), breathes reality into fantasy.

1) Invite and secure affirmative RSVP from Calvin Trillin on invitation to sample the culinary delights of University, Franklin, and Central Avenues. Determine whether or not St. Paul's version of the Bahn mi sandwich can live up to others that he has eaten.

2) Find an arts group interested in turning the smooth white and curvy former Midway Chevrolet building into an installation arts space like the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh.

3) Help start a real estate company that is focused on bringing small commercial/office tenants (e.g. a mix of small businesses and sole proprietors looking for a studio/office) into small, cool spaces with the goal of revitalizing neighborhoods. The Cool Space Locator model is a good one!

4) Explore the city neighborhoods that I don't know at all (e.g St. Paul's neighborhoods east of 35E and North Minneapolis), take photos and write about them. [All the while convincing the toddler that this is great use of her time!!]

5) Through this blog and by more intensive means, show the world how great it is to live in the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul!

Image: Leithauser Condominium Lofts, 800 E. 3rd, St. Paul. Robert Roscoe, archictect, who specializes in historic renovations and traditional infill buildings. See his projects at:

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