Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Why we dine: Installment 1

Sometimes I go to restaurants for reasons other than the food. Sometimes it's the ambiance. Sometimes it's convenience. But the other night when my husband and I went to Cafe Biaggio just east of the intersection of University and Raymond Avenues, it was for the unique location. The restaurant is in a former warehouse and the only eating establishment in its block of buildings. It's a white tablecloth kind of place that you don't expect to find so near to the Rock-Tenn paper recycling facility. This odd juxtaposition intrigued us and walking inside you find it kind of hard to believe that this restaurant is here. Our food was so-so, but checking out this place was worth the tab. Despite this being an uneventful occasion, it is emblematic of why cities delight--every day there's a chance to stumble on some unexpected place, have a random encounter, and witness diamonds in the rough.

Image: Citysearch.

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