Sunday, January 27, 2008

Minneapolis' Own Maya Lin

Many of you may know this already, but if you don't let me share a little, tucked away urban secret. If you head to the Ameriprise building at 901 Third Avenue South in downtown Minneapolis you can check out a vintage Maya Lin (of Vietnam Veteran's Memorial fame) installation. It is called "the character of a hill, under glass" and is a winter garden in the lobby of this office building. It was built in 2000. The most defining feature is the wall of water that flows down the exterior windows into a pond--all of which freezes this time of year. It's always a treat to find an artistic treasure in an unexpected place.
Images: Stanford University.

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Dann said...

We did not know this wonderful work of art existed in our area, until we attended a retrospective of Maya Lin's work at the Pulitzer Museum in St. Louis.

They work really needs to be publicized more.

Sandi Gilbert & Dann Dobson
Saint Paul