Monday, January 21, 2008

Minnesota Modern Design Leaders

Minnesota--it's not just Target, Best Buy, Land O' Lakes, and General Mills. The state is also home to some excellent, cutting- edge design companies.

I'm going beyond the Twin Cities here because I think that Loll Designs based in Duluth is an awesome company. They recycle materials and turn them into durable, modern peices of outdoor furniture.

Then there's Flatpak and Wee-House--Twin Cities purveyors of pre-fab (and totally fab) modern homes. With Minneapolis-based Flatpak, you can choose how to mix and match different building components (like windows, doors, siding etc) to create the design of the house you want. Then you can choose different materials and interior finishings to finish it off.
With St. Paul based Wee Houses, there are several different pre-fab building styles to choose from and you can choose different materials and interior products.

On the indoor furnishing end, Room and Board is the big gun in the Minnesota modern furniture world, but Blu-dot is a close second.

How'd the state get to be so hip?

Images from top: Loll Designs, from
Flat Pak House, Minneapolis, MN, Cameron Wittig
Wee-House from Elizabeth Eden's Flickr site.
Blu-Dot rocking chair, from

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