Thursday, January 3, 2008

Two Great Things that Go Great Together = Art + Parks

Back in the tepid fall, we took a little trip to the suburbs, Eagan to be exact, to visit the Caponi Art Park. The park is located on retired Macalester College arts professor and accomplished sculptor Anthony Caponi's property (along with his home and his studio.) There are wonderful sculptures tucked into the woods and along hillsides that turn a walk into a surprise scavenger hunt. In a 2006 interview with MPR, Professor Caponi sums up quite nicely what is so wonderful about this combination:
"I believe that's what's missing in most exhibits is the sense of discovery," Caponi says.
We haven't visited Western Sculpture Park the lesser-known sculpture garden of the Twin Cities. I've driven by it many times, amazed that it is there, and wonder how many other people never knew that it existed. It's just west of the State Capitol complex, off of Marion Avenue, in St. Paul. This link will take you to a handy guide to the park.


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