Monday, March 10, 2008

Progress on New Year's Resolution #1

Back in December, I posted my "5 Twin Cities New Year's Resolutions" on the blog. The first involved getting Calvin Trillin, the acclaimed essayist, novelist, and food writer, to visit the Twin Cities and chow down on some of our amazing ethnic food. For those of you unfamiliar with Trillin's genius, check out these articles. Whether he's trying to convince his daughter to move back to NYC from San Francisco because of the greater number of take-out places that deliver food or summing up the variety of local food specialties from around the country and world, he's always funny.

I decided that as a mere Trillin fan who is proud of this region's surprisingly diverse ethic foods, I was unlikely to have the necessary stature to a) track him down; and b) convince him to come (even if I did offer up the cushy Aerobed at our house and to pay for all of the meals.)

So when my favorite local food writer, Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, moved over to Minnesota Monthly from the City Pages, last month, I decided to reach out. Surely the powerful triumvirate of Dara and her James Beard awards, Minnesota Monthly, and their sugar mama, Minnesota Public Radio would have more influence than I. Dara's response to my query (as posted in the comments section of her February 29th blog entry) was as follows:

Hi MK,
That's a great idea! I would love to hang out with Calvin Trillin and eat, that would be a highlight of my year. That said, I have no idea how that would be accomplished, but I'll definitely ask around. Even though I've been here for a whole month now I'm really still feeling my way around. Like, I think I've finally picked a parking garage. Progress!

In any event, thanks so much for stopping by and reading, I'm really thrilled about this new job, and I'm so happy you've come along.

So I'll let her keep settling in, writing her excellent and amusing reviews, then I'll nag again later.
Or if y'all think this is a good idea, maybe you can nag a little bit too.

Image of Calvin Trillin by Todd Pitt, USA Today.

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Anonymous said...

good idea. but why isn't dara using transit? MUCH preferred to a parking garage.