Monday, March 24, 2008

Graceful Losers

We're trying to be graceful in our epic defeat in the St. Paul Pioneer Press Peeps Diorama Contest, but my friend Denise and I feel totally robbed. I mean how can a diorama of the G.O.Peeps convention lose out to a bunch of peeps doing yoga? What's clever about that? Dear readers, go and judge for yourself. Here is the link to the winners. Here's the link to our entry. If you go to our entry you can give it your own vote and at least if you like it, we'll feel a little less w(p)eepy.

PS: Here's what we included along with our photo submission:

Explanation from creator:
We discovered after we built the diorama that taking pictures to fully capture the inside action of the GOPeep Convention and the outside scene with the Peeps Corps and the Protest Peeps, was going to be difficult. So for all of you judges struggling to read the signage, let us provide you with some assistance here: Protester Peep signs read: "No Justice. No Peeps." "Give Peeps a Chance" "Greenpeeps: Save the Whales" "Up with Peeple." and "Hey Hey Ho Ho the GOPeeps Have Got to Go." The Peeps Corps, includes representatives from CNN, KSTPeeps, the Colbert Report, and of course, the Pioneer Press. And, yes, those are secret service peeps watching the protest barricades.


Cranky Grandma said...

You have my vote!

Have you ever left a Peep out for a couple of months? Interesting things happen. Actually, the interesting thing is that nothing at all happens. They look as fresh as the day they where hatched from their plastic wrap. We have had a row of peeps nailed to the wall of our boss' office for the last 3 years.

Wilhelmina said...

I think the contest was about photography and not about creativity. Thinking about Peeps is making me nauseous.

Meechla said...

I can't believe the lame yoga peeps won, they were just lying there! Yours was much more interesting and the GOPeeps really made me giggle. I would like to see some protesters throwing peeps at Norm Coleman this summer.

Jacqueline said...

These peeps are hilarious. They have my vote for the peopel who must have had the most fun making the them!