Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Drinking, Sidewalk Writing, and Spelling

I'm tying together two rather unrelated items in today's post, but since they both involve words, I feel OK about it. In my younger years, bar trivia was perhaps the best way to use your intellect while quaffing a beer or cocktail. Now it seems that the folks at the 331 Club in Minneapolis are going to host the Second Drunken Spelling Bee (which they are now billing as the "Grown Up Spelling Bee.") I actually followed the results of the first one back in early February and read with amusement the winner's chronicles on her blog. Spelling multi-syllabic words after requisite inter-round drinks is a serious feat--especially in this age of spellcheck. Even though I'm way too old and maternal for an event like this, I'm amused by the concept and expect that in America's most literate city, our winners could go national!

A less intoxicating event is going on here in St. Paul. Public Art Saint Paul and Saint Paul’s Department of Public Works are looking for residents to enter a sidewalk poetry contest – “Everyday Poems for City Sidewalk.” The project will permanently install short poems on city sidewalks. Up to 20 contest winners will receive $150 and citywide honor for their work. Submissions due by April 25. Information and guidelines are at:

So find your inner poet and be memorialized!

Image: Lauren Sanford.

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