Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Scream, You Scream...It's about that time

My husband likes to call me a "gold digger"--not for the usual reason of trolling guys that have loads of money--but for my annoying tendency to eat all of the yummy bits out of our flavored and chunky store-bought ice cream (incidentally, I do the same thing with trail mix.) So I think we'll all be happier when the weather is warm enough to justify an evening jaunt to the area's excellent ice cream parlors (are all ice cream shops parlors? What makes it a parlor?)

St. Paul parlors:
  • Izzy's @ 2034 Marshall Ave (when will I ever be there when they serve the famous salty caramel?)
  • Grand Ole Creamery @ 750 Grand Ave.
  • Conny's Creamy Cone @ 1197 Dale St N (if it is good enough for Garrison Keillor, it's good enough for me!)

Minneapolis parlors:
  • Sebastian Joe's @ 1007 W Franklin Ave
  • Pumphouse Creamery @ 4754 Chicago Ave
  • Crema Cafe @ 3403 Lyndale Ave S
Then again, why wait til' it's warm--don't Minnesotans hold some record for eating the most ice cream per capita off season?

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Tara B said...

Don't forget - there is a grand old creamery in mpls now too - at cedar ave s and the parkway - just north of the caribou just south of the grocery store.