Thursday, February 7, 2008

A place for the arts

Minneapolis and St. Paul are really great places if you are an artist. There's great foundation support out there (McKnight and Jerome in particular) and plenty of affordable studio space. There are also lots of opportunities to find places where you can live affordably and while also having studio space to do your art. In my neck of the woods, the Carleton Place Lofts on University Avenue near Raymond, are home to a couple hundred units where artists can live and work. I was also thrilled to discover a couple of years back that Artspace, a non-profit real estate development organization with projects all over the country, was a Minneapolis creation. Artspace creates affordable live/work units for artists, usually by reusing older buildings that once served some other function. They've got lots of properties here in the Cities, from the Grain Belt Studios in Minneapolis to the Northern Warehouse Artist Cooperative in St. Paul. It's great to live in a place that shows its support for the arts in such fundamental, but often overlooked, ways.

image: grain belt brewery, mississippi river field guide.

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