Tuesday, February 5, 2008

MK's What Makes for A Great Neighborhood Now.

  1. Sidewalks
  2. Mature trees
  3. Homes that greet the street, rather than garages
  4. Proximity to the following:
    • a park
    • a library
    • a "third place" (e.g. coffee shop, book store, other hang out)
    • a place to buy milk in a pinch
5. Easy opportunities to meet your neighbors
6. Calm enough streets so that an older child can safely cross them
7. Houses in many different architectural styles
8. Feeling of safety and pride in the neighborhood
9. Ability to use transit if I want/need to.

While I think these features will always be hallmarks of a great neighborhood in my book, I can also see how at different stages of life, new characteristics will rise on the list.

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Alissa said...

Tell it, sister. CV (and definitely our street) is short on most of these qualities (no sidewalks is definitely a MAJOR factor) and it makes it kind of a bummer, excellent schools aside.