Saturday, April 12, 2008

Why We Dine: Installment 4

Sometimes I don't buck any trends and I choose to eat somewhere based on recent hype. Maybe not even hype, but a steady media presence that gives a place priority in my mental list. That said, after reading several reviews of The Strip Club in St. Paul, I do believe we've found our next child-free dining excursion. Doubtless, part of the allure is in the off-the-wall location in Dayton's Bluff and its home in a beautifully restored building. The Strip Club also wins points for its role in bringing commercial activity to a neighborhood that's predominantly residential and institutional (i.e. Metro State). It also doesn't hurt that I have a hankering for some good red meat and I always enjoy a good view of a city skyline.

image: Aaron Landry (for more of his stuff, go here.)

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