Friday, April 4, 2008

To the moon

If you head west on Lake Street and turn right at the Blue Moon coffee shop...and then go a few blocks til' the street dead ends, you'll hit one of my favorite, little neighborhood parks. Brackett Park is in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis and is home to a gorgeous rec. center, a kiddie pool, mature trees, a playground, and this awesome rocket sculpture. Ahhh, summer awaits.


Tara B said...

Don't forget this isn't the original rocket - that one was an actual piece of playground equipment. The original rocket (last I knew) was sitting out by the Fort Snelling golf course. There was some effort to raise money to restore it as a piece of community art.

BK said...

Not to be a stickler, but Brackett Park is in the one and only Longfellow Neighborhood, you know, the one just to the south of Seward but slightly less trendy and more affordable. Also home to the last remaining stretch of native oak savannah along the Mississippi River.