Monday, April 21, 2008

Common Roots Cafe--uncommonly delicious

Much has been made of the NY-style bagel at Common Roots Cafe in the Lyn-Lake neighborhood of Minneapolis--and much should. The crusty on the outside, chewy on the inside plain bagel with good old plain cream cheese is a weekend treat everyone should wake up to. A friend and I went in the evening a couple of weeks ago and we were totally impressed by the patatas bravas-- a typical find at a tapas restaurant--yet they were much better at Common Roots than they were at Solera.

So I'm hoping that the good folks at Common Roots aren't anti-expansion, because with their super eco-ethos and their totally treatsy food, we'd love to see them in St. Paul. In particular on Snelling Avenue north of University where there is a sandwich and bagel wasteland. Come East oh Common Roots!!

images: Common Roots Cafe website.


cvf said...

I would cut off a limb ... ok, a finger ... well, one of my kids' fingers ... well, a lock of their hair ... for a real damn bagel here in Paris. Even in le Marais we can't find anything like even Einstein in DC, much less a real Essa-bagel or H&H. Too bad shipping here would be $40! Hi to JB & the peanut ...

Anonymous said...

For a small fortune you can get H&H bagels in the Marais:

Bagel Store
31 rue de Turenne
75003 Paris
01 44 78 06 05

Diane said...

have you ever been to St Martin's Table? that's a neat restaurant in the Cedar/Riverside area.