Saturday, November 24, 2007

Native Son

With Jim Walsh's new book on The Replacements, Twin Citians of a certain age are bound to reminisce of Minneapolis' glory days as an alt/punk/rock capital. I remember cutting something out of a music magazine back in high school that said something like "Not Athens, not Los Angeles, not Minneapolis? Then so what." We were part of the musical triumvarite of the age. At this very moment I am watching (well listening) to former Husker Du front-man Bob Mould's Circle of Friends DVD. What I am loving about this collection is not just the memories that the Husker Du, Sugar, and Bob Mould solo songs are bringing back to me, but the fact that Bob Mould and his compatriots (including Brendan Canty (Fugazi) on drums) are definitely aging--nay aged-- rockers. What I also love about both Canty and Mould is that they symbolize a time, an energy, and a movement that is grounded deeply in a specific place (DC and Minneapolis respectively.)

Bob Mould currently lives in Washington, DC. I just moved back to MN after living in DC for the past 8 years. While I was there, I was an avid reader of Boblog--Bob Mould's totally personal and somewhat quotidien blog. It was such a hoot to have insight into the daily life of this rock icon--and to know that he lived just a mile or so away. I still check in on his goings-on, but now that I'm less likely to run into him on 14th Street NW, I've become a little bit less of a fanatic. You may still catch me reading his "Ask Bob"column in the Washington City Paper (DC's City Pages equivalent) because I love how this Minneapolis icon has been wholly adopted by his new city.

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