Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sidewalk Poetry and Defeat

Perhaps I shouldn't even admit it, but I did enter the Everyday Poems for City Sidewalk competition here in St. Paul. I even sent in 2 poems. Sadly, I will not be memorialized in concrete as they announced the 2o winners today (there were 2000 entries) and I was not among them. But I will be brash enough to share my poems with you, dear reader. Feel free to tell me that I should stick to blogging instead!

The City of Seven Hills

Seven hills

like beacons

proclaim our saintly city.

Wrought by water

these caves and cliffs--

limestone shapes our history.



Unknowing authors of

our destiny.

Sounds of Street and Sky

Roaring overhead

the airplane owns the sky, for a moment.

Soon the silence of the roving clouds


My footfalls

gentle on the sidewalk

echo the sound of freedom

and curiosity.

The skyline, quiet in the distance

wakes with the whir of traffic,

the clambering of buses.

The city streets and their cacophonous choir

call me home.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I entered too and without success. I think you and the other accomplished writers were too much for me but I enjoyed the attempt. I'm a native, third generation "St. Paulite" so I guess that qualifies me to say, "Welcome home." And thanks for your delightful blog.