Thursday, May 8, 2008

Drug Store Democracy

I haven't actually experienced the spectacle myself, but I've heard and read about Schneider Drug's (@ 3400 University Avenue, in Prospect Park in Minneapolis) legendary stature among hardcore DFLers. Drug store by day, town hall by night, Schneider's plays host to candidate nights and heady political discussions--full of debate. According to an NPR story last year, the drug store's pharmacist, Tom Sengupta, a native Indian, organizes and moderates the meetings. It is expected that if you are a DFL candidate running in MN, you'll make a stop at Schneider's and sit in the hot seat for hours being grilled by party activists, academicians, and other political heavy weights. So the next time you're heading east on University you can feel assured that democratic debate is alive and well in this small, nondescript drug store.

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