Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Green Inside & Out-My Love Affair with the Seward Coop

I love the Seward Coop building. It's a lovely hunk of modernism with its bold green exterior paneling and its boxy shape. There certainly is no mistaking the messaging here--this co-op is green--in every way. According to a January 2009 article in "The Bridge," the building has:

white roofing for climate control, skylights and recycled construction materials — including flooring from the old store — to minimize the co-op’s carbon footprint. Rain gardens and a sloped parking lot capture 90 percent of stormwater runoff.

It was also designed by Close Associates, whose offices are just blocks away on Franklin Avenue (how's that for local?!). As the store awaits for the results of its LEED Gold application (a year-long evaluation process, before certification is granted) I'll be wishing them success.



Meri said...

i love this coop too- I love the mosaic tiles on the pillars out front, and their bulk selections.

Cool site!


Used Cars Twin Cities said...

The design of the Seward Coop is so quirky and fun. I love the fact that they weren't afraid to use bold colors and an avant garde design.